Video production

  • Art Event Agency are happy to offer services related to the filming process in Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, Slovenia and Bosnia, as well as post-production, working in cooperation with leading Serbian scriptwriters, directors and videographers.
  • Production of music videos, commercials and TV broadcasting content is what we do, applying an unconventional approach when handling your requests. We promptly respond to the request, find the ideal location, and take you under wing.
  • It's not a secret that budget plays an important role in business, and professional video production services in Serbia are cheaper than on average in Europe, and the level of performance is as high as in Russia and the United States.
Check out a selection of locations in the Balkans
Our core services:
• Production, hiring the best Balkan specialists
• Pre-production and casting
• Selecting locations and obtaining permits
• Technical support for filming in the Balkans
• Rental of equipment
• Set-dressing
• Selection and creation of costumes
• Post-production, including computer graphics and animation, editing and voice acting, special effects for movies and videos
Our product categories:
• Image films
• Corporate films
• Presentation movies
• Animation films
• Computer graphics for movies and TV shows
• Music videos
• Documentaries
Art Event Agency has a lot of contacts in the field of film production, which allows us to implement projects of any complexity.
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